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James Gang - Funk #49

"Funk #49" is a song written by Joe Walsh, Jim Fox, and Dale Peters, and recorded by American hard rock band The James Gang. The song featured as the first single off the group's second studio album James Gang Rides Again (1971).

"Funk #49" is 3:35 in length, though it only has two verses. Much of the song is instrumental, drawing from Joe Walsh's guitar, Dale Peters's bass work, and Jim Fox's drumming. The lyrics focus on a wild girlfriend the singer cannot tame. Most of the song is a vehicle for Walsh's guitar performance. The song got its title as a sequel to Funk #48, a song from the previous album.


Uh, sleep all day, out all night,

I know where you're going.

I don't that's a-acting right,

You don't think it's showing.

A-jumpin' up, fallin' down,

Don't misunderstand me.

You don't think that I know your plan,

What you try'n to hand me?

Out all night, sleep all day,

I know what you're doing.

If you're gonna a-act that way,

Think there's trouble brewing.

Songwriters: Dale Peters / James K. Fox / Joseph Fidler Walsh

Funk #49 lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


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